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Content and Content Strategy Package

You will receive 3 articles, link building, business development email outreach, Meta (Facebook) traffic, SEO optimization, support via email, and high-level strategy and vision on the direction of the business.

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A fully done for you service that drives targeted traffic for health-related organizations

What You’ll Get:

High-quality content pieces created for you each month

Benefit: No high-level fluff pieces

Extensive user research so all content is highly targeted at your ideal customers

Benefit: Qualified traffic instead of un-targeted traffic

Exhaustive, customized content promotion

Benefit: We’ll generate traffic, not just publish and send out a few tweets

The customized conversion plan to convert blog traffic into a lead

Benefit: Instead of just traffic, I'll generate real leads to pass to sales




Healthcare and Technology Expert


I completely replace a full-time content marketing hire, for less than their cost, and deliver results faster. For inquiries, email:

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Are you looking to grow your business using a strategic system? Receive recommendations and support from an experienced business advisor and fractional CMO to help you build a business that is scalable, predictable, and profitable. I also work with companies and agencies that offer content in the healthcare niche as a consultant or advisor.

Healthcare and Technology Product Development

I am taking clients who would like to build healthcare tech. Applications in the areas of telemedicine, virtual hospitals, health DATA MANAGEMENT PLANS.

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