Story-Based Email Campaigns for on Demand Sales

Story-Based Email Campaigns for on Demand Sales

If you're directing your messaging towards patients or customers in the areas of health, healthcare, or pharmaceuticals— you can use structured email sequences to change behavior. Your goal may get more patients to come in for their infusion, take their diabetic medication, or improve what I call inter-visits (or the time between patient visits).

Numerous methods can be used to accomplish this. Numerous goals can be achieved like behavioral change or for achieving marketing OKRs.

Below is an example of a part of a STRUCTURED EMAIL SEQUENCE:

Subject: Re: Our re-brand and making space for new product


This week, we realized that we need to really push out our inventory.

We currently don’t have a lot of space. But, the main reason for this is that we want to place an order for our new designs with our new branding.

Since 2018, our focus has been on R&D, field testing, and making sure our products deliver on our promise. We pay $1500 dollars per month to store our first batch of inventory. It has slipped our attention that we will need to free up space for future inventory and also to get the ball rolling in having great products readily available.

This has set us back a bit. During COVID, we buckled down and focused on building relationships with clients. But, this was something that we missed.

Many of been right there with us from pitching in those coffee shops in Monterey to launching our e-commerce site. But you’ve expressed that you’d like to be able to order our new products online.

There’s only one problem: we need to let go of what we have in stock. We’d like you to reward us for your being there, thorough testing, development, and all of the feedback sessions.


Introducing...The ‘First Generation Widget Sale!”


As a way of THANK YOU for choosing us, we’ve set up a special 25% discount for you to use on our site: {Link}.

Thanks for hanging in there.

It is very rare that we discount our products. It’s just not our policy, so are limiting this to the first 2,500 people who take us up on this offer. (Please note that over 100,00 people are getting this email, so these will go extremely fast.)

Here’s how to get your order 25% OFF on {Link}:

Step One: Go here: {Link}} and add the product to your cart.

Step Two: Checkout

Step Three: Leave us a review by replying to this email

(Leave a review if you have a minute. We’d appreciate it! but it’s not mandatory)

If you like our products, this would be a good time to tell your colleagues, friends, and family they can finally get our products. It’d also be a good time to stock up before prices go back up.

This is only good for the first 2,500 people, so make sure you grab yours here:


No coupon code is needed to save over 25% on our first generation.

Talk soon,

{First name}