Snippet: Business Opportunities in the Software Senior Market

Snippet: Business Opportunities in the Software Senior Market

The biggest wave of baby boomers will enter retirement this decade—marking one of the highest shifts to senior populations in history. They're also the first senior generation to have widespread internet use patterns. There have been a few apps, organizations, and software companies aimed at aging eyes and frail fingers but it's been largely quiet. Dictation integration, screen zoom features, health tracking, caregiver monitoring, social networking - the list is endless.

Some would interpret this as something beyond a change in the population. There has also been a shift in the way we live. While COVID, advances, mutates, and finds new ways to survive, we too have changed our way of life.

People are downsizing. They are getting rid of excess. Hygiene practices have become a focus. Most people are wiser...

Software for Seniors would take a population's needs into account. Further, it could involve fusing 2-3 areas of need. Food, shelter, safety? Make the world better for a population that deserves it.  

Here are few examples (and some are well-known):

Honor (caregiving on steroids)

Lyft (transports to and from hospitals)

Airbnb (easy accommodations with everything you need)

Instacart (food delivery)

Vetted (pet care)

Care Remote (performance socks that restore and maintain circulation to the lower leg)

In the next few years, we're going to need some serious senior-safe and thoughtful products and services.